Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures


Identity for a funded research organisation working to improve education systems around the world. 


As the title of the project is so open, I held a workshop with many board members, alumni and staff involved.
I asked them what words and imagery came to mind when they thought of the project. This helped
me understand their interpretation of the project rather than inventing my own and aligned our thinking.

Using this content, I created a logo that embodied the spirit of the project: Inspired children. Whilst also representing the global scale of the project; each of the 7 points in the logo is the location of an international research institute taking part in the initiative.

The logo shape can also be incorporated to create interesting crops in designs and as a container
for images. To keep a strong link between the initiatives, the brand colours are based on the Sustainable Development Goals colours. As the project has many facets and plans for further expansion, I wanted to give the client freedom to adapt the brand elements to suit. To do this I created a grid that they can use to design their own logo figures, giving the brand some flexibility and personality. The 7 brand colours can also be used together in various ways to represent different locations and projects.

Shown below is an example of the design template created for their policy documents and concepts for business cards and pull up banners.

For more information please visit the T.E.S.F website.

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